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Introducing 3D Sublimation

From Marvelpress-supplies the world leaders in the field

Marvelpress-supplies is recognised as the world leader in 3D sublimation. Our Sublideck™ technology systems provide a wide range of solutions to meet any 3D decoration need. From the world’s quickest and best selling Sublideck™ 1 press to super high speed production presses capable of imaging over 360 cases per hour, we cover all the bases.

With millions invested into both 3D systems and peripherals, Sublideck™ provides a complete range of high quality cases that are profiled to work in complete harmony with our film and patented low temperature sublimation inks. The resulting system delivers seamless production and the best imaged results bar none, first time, every time.

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The Industry’s Best Overall 3D Sublimation Package

Easy 3D sublimation offering the best solution for every need

The best high definition imaging quality bar none, achieved via intensive profiling while still delivering the world’s fastest imaging time with consistent results.

The most up to date range of smartphone cases

Proprietary patented film and 3D low temp inks. Largest selection of tech case blanks anywhere and the Industry’s lowest equipment and consumable costs.

Industry leading expert support and advice end to end

Easy to use systems with one button operation. Outstanding support and training. Fully warranted, UK engineered presses.

3 Ways to Profit From 3D Wrap Technology

Produce your own 3D products

  • Buy the complete 3D Sublideck™ solution
  • Expert advice and support provided
  • new cases released regularly
  • Delivered worldwide

Become a Sublideck™ dealer

  • Sell the hottest products on the market today
  • High margin resale potential
  • We provide everything you need to get started
  • Dealer opportunities available globally now

Print Fulfillment Service

  • Send us your files
  • We print them for you on demand
  • Ship it back to you or directly white-label to your clients
  • Branded packaging options available

World’s Best Selection of 3D Sublimation Heat Presses

3D Sublimation Consumables

We also sell a wide range of 3D consumables such as wrap-around blank smartphone cases, low temperature sublimation inks and jigs along with the best sublimation film available on the market.